Alloy Pittsburgh is a unique visual and performing arts project co-founded by Pittsburgh artists Sean Derry and Chris McGinnis. The project was developed in collaboration with the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area and the Kipp Gallery at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Alloy Pittsburgh offers 15 artists from the greater Pittsburgh region the opportunity to develop temporary site-based artworks for the Carrie Furnace National Historic Landmark.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Alloy Abroad: From PGH to LDN

Co-founder of Alloy Pittsburgh, Sean Derry, recently returned to Pittsburgh from an exciting trip to London, UK, where he presented at the Tenth International Conference on the Arts in Society, "The Work of Art in the Age of Networked Society." The Conference ran from July 22-24, 2015 at Imperial College London. Read the abstract from Sean's presentation here, and learn about the impact Alloy Pittsburgh is making on the world beyond the Monongahela shores. 

From Exhibition to Institution: Expanding Regional Vibrancy in Pittsburgh’s Monongahela River Valley

Many leading city planners and economists attest to the power of art as a force for promoting social progress and economic vitality.  When part of a wider initiative, community-driven arts programming can increase local pride, build strong relationships and encourage synergistic partnerships that contribute to meeting community needs.  In 2013 Pittsburgh based artists Sean Derry and Chris McGinnis partnered with the Rivers of Steel Heritage Area to produce Alloy Pittsburgh, a site-based project motivated by a sincere belief in the capacity of art to contribute to the revitalization of Pittsburgh Monongahela River Valley. The success of their inaugural project has enabled Derry and McGinnis to work with the Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation on the development of a comprehensive arts programming initiative for the entire eight-county Rivers of Steel Heritage Area. Derry and McGinnis formalized their partnership with the Rivers of Steel under the new heading Alloy Arts, and embarked on a multi-faceted effort to build a sustainable arts program. This presentation will chronicle the creation of Alloy Arts  and the institutions experiences transitioning from a single community art project to a multi-faceted arts initiative offering contemporary art experiences throughout the Monongahela River Valley.

Sean Derry presents at Tenth International Conference of the Arts in Society.

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