Alloy Pittsburgh is a unique visual and performing arts project co-founded by Pittsburgh artists Sean Derry and Chris McGinnis. The project was developed in collaboration with the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area and the Kipp Gallery at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Alloy Pittsburgh offers 15 artists from the greater Pittsburgh region the opportunity to develop temporary site-based artworks for the Carrie Furnace National Historic Landmark.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

2015 Participating Artist: Scott Turri

Name: Scott Turri
Hometown: Plymouth Meeting, PA 
Current Location/ Neighborhood: Squirrel Hill
Favorite Regional Artist: Lorraine Glessner

Artist Statement: From the still image into the moving image creating animation has become an extension of my practice. Much of the vocabulary associated with my painting process is utilized in the animation. It combines photographic imagery from the natural world, and the built environment along with invented imagery that mimics the natural world; all of which has been manipulated digitally. So, therefore the product becomes an amalgamation of the natural world and cultural production. Because the imagery has been manipulated and filtered through various software tools, ultimately it all becomes synthetic. At times it becomes difficult to distinguish the origins of the various elements and therefore more difficult to easily classify. The parts have a certain consistency but are modularized and repackaged in variety of iterations these transformations provide a formal and conceptual link from one passage to another blurring the boundary between nature and what is human made. 

The animations operate within five architectural like facades. These facades help create a structured framework for what takes place behind, in front, or through this edifice. Also, the facades have skins attached to them, which reinforces the notion of the natural and built world and establishes a stationary environment for the moving parts. I created a portion of the animated sections with nonrepresentational linear elements, interested mainly in moving lines, in combination with the rhythmic pattern of bird flight, figure eights, ovals and circles. By building a variety of animated parts I then work at combining, looping and overlaying these lyrical components by sequencing these passages into a hypnotic rhythm with the intent of mimicking the ebb and flow of nature. 

See some of Scott's art

Scott is a writer too! Read his recent review of the exhibition UNLOADED

Cocoons and Mobile Homes 67.5_2
Acrylic on Canvas
40”H x 67.5”W

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